Anonymous asked: "do you guys not have canadian macers on your macer map?"

We just haven’t had someone from Canada ask to be on it - as soon as we do we’ll add a Canadian section :) 

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Megan & Liz Beauty: Tips for Black Friday

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Megan’s new profile picture on twitter | 7.24.14

Megan’s new profile picture on twitter | 7.24.14

Tour Anniversary Project

Don’t forget about our American Rag Tour Anniversary project!

An opportunity to showcase each show on the tour if we get all of you to help us out! 

Email us at for more info!

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Anonymous asked: "I've never felt so alone... 😔 I could be in room full of people, and still feel like I'm all by myself.. help"


Just remember that everything is temporary. You’ll feel better ❤️

"May our story make you fearless, and may your dreams be forever on fire."
— Liz Mace